What's a Schipperke like?

My opinions are my own. Only.

This is my completely subjective and personal view of Schipperkes. I love them. But you may not.
They can seem more cat than dog, reserved and independent. Some claim they guarded the barges of Europe and kept the docks clear of rats. Others claim they descended from the Belgian shepherds. Whatever their true history, they share a lot of the same qualities found in terriers, but with a little watch dog thrown into the mix. They are courageous and feisty. They aren't lap dogs.  

They need to be taught to love your recall and you can never reinforce that behaviour enough.  
They are less likely to greet you at the door with slobbery kisses and waggly tails (although all dogs are individuals, and you might get lucky). Far more likely they'll greet you with leaps and barks saying "Glad you're home, where's my dinner?" 
They can be playful and mischievous but may also have high prey drive.  They are alert, curious, and reserved with strangers. Which means they will alarm bark, and they might not automatically love everyone who comes to your house.  You need to enjoy training them. They are very, very smart. They can be the most amazing companions, but like all valuable things, they take time (3-5 years) to mature and develop.  
Be warned.