The inimitable Ruby

in·​im·​i·​ta·​ble | \ (ˌ)i-ˈni-mə-tə-bəl  \

Definition of inimitable: not capable of being imitated : MATCHLESS 
Merriam Webster

A celebration of all things Ruby. 


Ruby was bred by Kathy Lytle and Pat Boggs. Since Pat's passing, Kathy Lytle continues their tradition of breeding brilliant and beautiful dogs. Their dogs have excelled in both conformation rings and performance venues including obedience, rally, agility and carting. Pat trained many of her Schips to be service dogs. She is best known for training Search and Rescue Schipperkes.  Ruby’s grandsire, Magic, was a Search and Rescue dog specializing in water finds.

Ruby is a playful, mischievous and friendly Schipperke companion. She’s very alert and aware of her environment, as is expected for her breed.

Ruby was raised with Recallers. She’s achieved titles in Rally (RN both CKC and AKC) Obedience (PCD) and Agility (ADC). She achieved her Canadian Championship in Fall, 2017 and her Grand Championship in May, 2019, with her first CKC group placement.

She was Best of Opposite, 4 days in a row at the Northern Alberta Canine Association shows, and Select Bitch at the Canadian National Specialty, June 2, 2018. 

Ruby’s health is excellent. Her hips and elbows are good and thyroid is normal, tested in November 2019. You can find the OFA results here. She has been genetically tested clear for 162 genetic diseases that Embark tests for. She is a carrier for Canine Retinopathy and the dilute gene, a recessive gene that dilutes the dominant black colour to a grey. (While you will occasionally see ‘blue’ Schipperkes advertised on the internet as exotic and desirable, this is not true. The dilute gene is often associated with other diseases, including alopecia)  Since she is a carrier of these genetic variants, I would always ensure that prospective mates did not. 


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